Our Equipment
…Precision Sheet Metal Fabricator and Finisher

When you’re looking for a sheet metal fabricator, look no further than Metalcraft.

While there are only a handful of sheet metal fabricator shops in Boise, you’ll find Metalcraft to be among the very best.  We manufacture high quality sheet metal parts and deliver on schedule.

Our prices are very competitive.  We’re one of the best sheet metal fabricators located in Boise, Idaho.  Find out why more people trust Metalcraft for their sheet metal manufacturing needs.

You value products made in the USA.  We can help you keep that commitment to quality and make you proud to put it on your label.  With all of the regulations around Made in the USA, sometimes it can be tricky to meet these requirements.  But, we take it very seriously and help you to do so as well.

Here are the machines we use to make that happen.  From precision lasers to press brakes, trupunch and quicksharp machines, we have you covered.  We also have a spot welder, wet sander, and hardware insertion systems.  As you can see, we’re well equipped to help you with all of your sheet metal fabrication needs. 

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sheet metal fabricator

Amada Laser FOM23015NT 4.0 KW

Serial # 47512370

DOM: June 2012. Date Purchased: 7/01/2012

Mitsubishi Press Brake BB-4013

40 Ton Electric

DOM: 2014.  Date Purchased: 02/15/2015

Mitsubishi Press Brake BH-13530

DOM: June 2011.   Date Purchased: 02/15/2015

Trumpf Trupunch3000

Serial # A0035A0316

DOM: 2013.  Date Purchased: 02/15/2015

Trumpf Quick Sharp

DOM: 05/2016    Date of Purchase: 06/16/2016

Amada Spot Welder ID40IVHPNT

DOM: June 2016.   Date Purchased: 06/24/2016

Timesaver Wet Sander Lynx 37MWT-DBB-60

Serial # A0035A0316

DOM: June 2016.   Date Purchased: 06/24/2016

Haeger Press 824 Window touch 4E

Hardware insertion system

DOM: 05/2016.   Date Purchased: 06/30/2016

Haeger Press 824 Window Touch

Hardware insertion system

DOM: 06/2010.  Date Purchased: 08/13/2010